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Do you know what size to choose?

Do you know what size to choose?

Don’t know what size to choose?

We have a size guide for you to look and choose yours correctly from our friends over at Beflamboyant. 

First of all, you should measure your foot.

  • Take a A4 sheet and put it on the floor, next to the wall.
  • Put the heel on top of the paper (without pressing against the wall, imagine it is inside the sneakers)
  • Mark the shape of the foot. It is important that the foot is supported on the floor with the entire body weight (the most important is the length that your longest finger marks).
  • Measure the distance between the wall and the mark
  • Check in our table what would be your correct size


  • It is always better to measure your foot at the end of the day
  • Remember that one foot can be longer that the other, so always take as reference the longest.

** The measure expressed in Centimeters (cms), is the maximum of each size, you must leave a margin so that your foot is not very tight and the shoes can hurt you. Ex: my foot measures 26.9cms, I would have to take a size 42.

36 3 4.5 23.52
37 4 5.5 23.82
38 5 6.5 24.57
39 6 7.5 7 25.42
40 7 8.5 8 25.72
41 7.5 9 8.5 27
42 8 9.5 9 27.3
43 9 10 28.25
44 10 11 28.55
45 10.5 11.5 29.5
46 11 12 29.8

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