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Let's Go Slow: What is Slow Fashion?

Let's Go Slow: What is Slow Fashion?

In the past few years there has been a realisation throughout the fashion industry about the effects it has on people, animals and our planet. With this more and more brands are adopting a sustainable attitude towards creating their products and collections.

Slow Fashion takes into consideration the resources and processes needed to make clothes, bags, shoes and everything else that falls into the fashion category. Focused on being sustainable it involves using higher quality materials for longer lasting fashion alongside looking after our planet and all of us living on it, people and animals.

It encourages buying less at better quality, made from more sustainable methods less regularly. Slow Fashion is also a great way to celebrate the unique creativity that goes into making clothes, bags and shoes along with the people behind them.

The movement has seen increased backing from consumers over the past few years with people becoming more aware about the necessity for sustainable and ethical standards throughout the industry.

Slow Fashion Brands are what we love at Ve Planet because they are made from high quality sustainable materials. Generally they are also made by smaller local business’s which we are one of ourselves and love to support!

The collections we show and sell are all produced by Slow Fashion Brands which tend to only be released a few times a year meaning anything you see is unique, made with love and has our planet in its best interests.

Together by supporting these brands and making a decision when we buy clothes, bags, shoes and everything in between we can be part of the change and still look fabulous!

By Alex Innes, Founder of Ve Planet

Cover image by Sarah Pflug from Burst

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